21 November 2012

By popular demand...

The last two weeks have seen a bit of a gap in the blog, something that at least one reader has commented on. It is nice to be wanted, and I guess the problem is that we’re very popular at the moment.

We’ve been very busy here at Clearly Stated... this is not a complaint and much fun is being had by all (perhaps slightly more so by Alison who’s away on a three-day training course in a 4* hotel, but I digress).

In the last two weeks I have done a bit of everything apart from the blog. I wrote a training course for postgraduate students at the University of Nottingham entitled “Writing to Recruiters” and delivered repeat sessions to packed workshops, I’ll return to the fun I had training the educated in another blog post, but this course spurred a mini-push on marketing as I believe the course could be a service offered to firms in the process of making people redundant as part of their resettlement and redundancy package.

I have also been spending time onsite with 4energy to fine tune and update previous versions of their software documentation with new images and some of the exciting new content and features they’ve developed in their continuing quest to cut the cost of cooling.

Finally, I’ve been dusting off my molecular science degree and throwing myself into the world of Li-ion battery technology once again; CD-adapco have a Battery Design Studio that we’re documenting – my time spent in battery labs tells me that this is software that will save research labs around the world a great deal of time and money as the software can simulate tests that would take weeks in real life in moments.

In terms of work-life balance, I’ve also been:

Moving into the new house
This involves moving lots of boxes and spending far too much on furniture.
Discovering that things need doing in the new house
Rewiring, pointing, cleaning... I woke up at three in the morning two nights ago thinking it would be less effort to knock it over and start again.
Raising a baby
Having just decided that Tuesday is “Multilingualism French” day, I’ve got my work cut out for me – He also seems to protest the lack of furniture far more than the big people in the house.

An icon of the modern world once said that the first rule of mass media is to give the people what they want. I will endeavor to make sure the blog keeps happening.


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  1. Good to have you back mate... you always provide a fun read. Cheers...and good-luck with Multilingualism French


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