11 July 2012

A new addition to the family (business)

I’ve joined the family firm; or rather I’ve transformed the one-woman-show of Clearly Stated into a family business through dint of being available and appropriately qualified during a very busy period.

On my “to do” list for the first few days is a blog post to introduce myself to the wider world. It also says here (in Alison’s handwriting) that I am to avoid any references to The Godfather movies, or the word “debutant” (oops!).

This then is my first blog post. It’s quite exciting to have my writing recognised as being “work”, rather than just being something an employer expected me to do – for them – in my own time. I’ve always been proud of my ability with words, and with documents in general, and have found writing to be an unwritten part of my job description in the past. I have created documents ranging from briefings and proposals for major projects through to incident reports and training materials, and I am looking forward to creating high quality materials. I’ve served an on-off apprenticeship with Alison over the years, and together with my own background in education and training hope that I’ve got a lot to offer.

I’ve already started working on one project – under supervision – and I’m excited as the products we are documenting are already making an impact out in the real world. There is not a huge difference between my professional writing style and Alison’s, and so we will be continuing to produce clear and concise documentation for our existing clients. That being said, I do have some ideas of where I’d like to take my skill-set in future, so watch this space…


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